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Pictured above: This is part of the Coastal gang at a Parillada (Uruguayan BBQ.) Carlos Wiggen is in the right foreground, Chris Thompson is the blond lady in the middle and I’m by the spit wearing a white hat. Aparicio, the chef, is in blue and Eugenio is on the far left.

Coastal Uruguay, an online publication/magazine, is created by a network of people on the ground in places like Piriapolis, Punta del Este and Montevideo; the rest of us are part time residents. Our nationalities include: Uruguay, the US, and Norway. You’ll be meeting us all over time, as most of the team will publish.

What we all have in common is this: As a group, we’ve lived and/or visited just about everywhere in the world. The consensus of opinion is that Coastal Uruguay is about as good as it gets. Is this unknown spot on the earth perfect? Of course not! But we all feel for the money…..it does not get any better.

Does this mean we’re experts on Uruguay and its merits vs. other relocation/second home hot spots on the planet? No. Do we have the answers for all the questions you’ll ask about the Coastal area? Probably not. What I can tell you is we will find out. There should be enough experience and talent on the team to answer most questions.

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Disclosure Statement
This is a Public Relations Publication/Blog. Our aim is to promote business and investment on the Coast. Since this is a Public Relations site, there’s nothing for sale here. For instance, you won’t find those little Ads by Google seen most everywhere else.

However, we want to make sure everything is straight up. All of us at Coastal Uruguay have business interests and investments in real estate. We feel, without question, our views are straightforward and we tell it like it is. If you have any doubt, read Real Estate Conspiracy Exposed! (See the Real Estate category) If we develop business interest beyond real estate, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Be assured we’ll maintain our no hype standards.

Steve Bowman



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