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This seems like an annual lecture, but it appears the message has not been received.  If you’re visiting in high season, or March for that matter, reserve your vacation rental well in advance.

High season rentals, December through February were a done deal by August. As we’ve talked about many times, no one wants to rent for a few nights during any of these months. One week is the minimum. From mid December till early February, one week is consider a short-term rental.

Also, some people pressured for discounts and lost out……not this year. First of all, demand was strong in Piriapolis as well as Punta del Este and prices were tending up, not down. Secondly, rents are paid in US dollars; the dollar is down almost 20% from last year at this time. This creates upward pressure on rates as many owners have to convert dollars into pesos.

For those planning on a visit, I hope this helps.

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The Credit Mess

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There is no sense in having your own blog if you can’t have a little fun. So here you have it!

The link below is actually a very good primer, in very direct terms, of what’s gone wrong with the world’s credit markets. Having said that, I’ll add this power point presentation, if you can call it that is profane and funny as hell. This little ditty does not get a our family/children approved rating. If you’re easily offended, don’t click it. The open minded will get a kick out of it.

I notice when links are published, very rarely are does anyone bother to click on them? Too much work I guess?

I double dare you to click this one! Go ahead, have a little fun, a good laugh and learn at the same time.

Credit Mess Explained

Click It Already!

Steve Bowman

PS: In all seriousness if I must, the Credit Market collapse will effect every developed economy on the planet, including Uruguay. That’s reason to consider the issue….it’s not just a US/EU problem.

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When it Rains It Pours

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An estancia near Maldonado. Horseback riding is one of the many outdoor
activity options on the Coast.


I mentioned in the last post, life has become far more complex. I have a major contract obligation that will keep me very busy for some time. Fortunately, I was able to convince the client that the end of the world was indeed at hand if I didn’t go to Uruguay in November and December. (Being a good salesperson and having a kind client is always a good combination.)

In addition, I have a promotion/advertising job on tap for a major development in La Paloma, Rocha. We’ll post a link to the project when it’s up. There may be more of the same coming….when it rains it pours.

In the mean time, I’ll be busting butt to get ready for the visit to our home away from home in Piriapolis.

Stay Tuned!

Steve Bowman

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Vaction Rentals…..It’s That Time

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Last year was the busiest year for tourism since 1996 according to Telemondo.

This year, we’re already seeing heavy traffic on the Rental Page, 30 – 50 unique visitors per day. Bookings and Piriapolis rental inquiries are above last year at this time by a wide margin.

I want to bring this to your attention because high season bookings are well underway. The time to make your reservation is here.

This is a perfect time to bring up my pet peeve…..there are several great months to visit besides January. To me, December, March and April are the best months of the year. Also note that November has some very nice weather as well. Windbreakers are needed a few days of the month, but I’ve burned my hide off in November. We’re happy to report that March and April were fully booked for several of us here in town last year.

Mid November through April is wonderful. And don’t forget, prices are better during the other four ideal months here on the Coast.

February which is Carnival month, is a good high season bet because prices are very reasonable compared with January.


On another note, If anyone wants to list their property, please let us know. There is no charge for the listing! This is a free service to our readers who are individual property owners.

To make the page more meaningful, additional listings in Punta del Este and something from Jose Ignacio would be helpful.

Come See Us!

Steve Bowman

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Real Estate News and Anouncements

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View Luxury Estate is Located in an Area at Extreme Left in Photo

The weekly post is abbreviated this time around.

I’m overwhelmed with our rentals here in Savannah. In addition, our sister website Uruguay Coastal Properties, is very busy with work to promote the largest, exclusive view estate in the Piriapolis area.

Details are now available with this link: View Estate Piriapolis. I’ll spare you the gushing realtor superlatives and adjectives; let’s just say this luxury property has it all. The main house has over 500 square meters and a guest or attendant house of about 100 square meters. The buildings are set on 17.5 hectares (43 acres) with a 180 degree Atlantic view and an unobstructed vista of Sierra de las Animas (Mountain of the Spirits) where the tallest point in Uruguay is located.

Price? A modest $2,260,000.

(This is no joke about the modest price…..this property would be well over $10m most places in the world, including the tonney places in UY such as Punta Ballena.)

Stay Tuned!

Steve Bowman

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