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Why is there a Blog/Online magazine for an unknown place like the Uruguayan coast? Good question.

First, it’s one of the last, unspoiled places on the planet and no one knows about it. Second, no one is covering the turf. This beautiful, remote and unknown part of the world has First World Infrastructure (mostly), yet is waiting to be explored. How many places can you think of with a reasonable cost of living, good health care, coupled with great prices for incredible beach and ocean view property? There are a few, but not many. This may be the perfect place to live or own a second home.

The goal for the publication is to attract some good neighbors. You see, the coast of Uruguay is like New Zealand or Australia was 70 years ago; a little additional company wouldn’t hurt! Except for January, February and recently March, we suffer from lack of population. What’s wrong with the other three perfect months of the year? Europe and North America, check it out! There are no crowds most of the year and prices are wonderful to reasonable depending on whether you’ve got dollars or euros. Because it’s sooooo laid-back except for the nutty/hyper January time frame, the opportunities for cultural events and entertainment take a real hit most of the year.

We need just a wee bit more juice to make this place bloom.

This begs the question, aren’t you afraid of being overrun and the place being spoiled? No. At this juncture, we’re not concerned at all about becoming “over discovered.” This part of the world is just too damn inaccessible. The nearest population base that could overwhelm the area is in the United States; I frankly don’t see Americans coming this far a field in mass. Most of the US is at least a 24 hour trip; not our style. In addition, English is very limited except for in Montevideo, once again, not our style.

And last of all, as you’ll hear many times from us, the Uruguayan people are the most important asset. This is no small thing when considering why this unknown corner of the planet may be appealing to you. The folks here are warm, friendly, helpful and honest for the most part. If this sounds like overkill, read some of the posts about everyday acts of kindness.

That’s it. Check out the posts, ask some questions and see if you agree. If you do, come on down.

Steve Bowman


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