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February 2007,

Hello, I’m Steve Bowman, editor of Coastal Uruguay. My wife Chris and I live in Savannah, Georgia and have a second home in Piriapolis, Uruguay. We’ve been in Savannah for about five years and hail from Seattle originally. Here in Savannah, we have a property management business, mostly for buildings we own. (Abby’s Hep Yo Sef Inn) I’m also a contractor/consultant for industrial companies. I’ve traveled to about 25 countries, mostly in Asia, Europe and North America (from Panama north) and have worked in Japan and Uruguay. We’ve always wanted a second home in a fun, out of the way, low key place, and I feel we’ve found it.

My hope for Coastal Uruguay is to create something different…..a site that’s more than a “blog.” I envision an online publication, a magazine that serves as a public relations tool. As a public relations site, our goal is to show people why they should come visit us for starters, and ultimately to promote business and investment on the Coast.

The editorial slant is focused on factors that make this a good place to invest, relocate, or have a second home, such as: area attractions, real estate issues, cost of living, health care costs and day-to-day conditions that effect the quality of life for expats or part-time residents. We’ll also share things about the culture and arts that make this a unique place.

So why have I assembled an international team to publish stuff about the Coast of Uruguay? It’s pretty simple. The coast here is one of the greatest places on the planet and no one knows about it. Check out the Beautiful People, Wonderful Places page to see if you might have an interest in learning about our home away from home. If you do feel a spark of interest, next go to the Who We Are page to learn about the network of Coastal Uruguay. I’m not an expert on Uruguay, but other people on the Coastal Uruguay team are.

Santiago de Tezanos, an architect from Montevideo, designs international projects as well as work in Uruguay. Carlos Wiggen is from Norway, has lived and worked in several European countries, Tanzania and Uruguay. He has a home in Piriapolis and Spain. My wife Chris will be sharing stories with you also. Chris is from Phoenix, Arizona. She lived in several West Coast cities before moving to Dixie with me in 2002. She is actually the one responsible for this site. She decided we were buying our place in Piriapolis or, “I’d never hear the end of it.” Guys, you know how that goes.

That’s it. I look forward to the great comments and questions to come.

Steve Bowman



Piriapolis from our terraza



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